Can you put a heated mattress pad on a gel memory foam mattress?

Can you put a heated mattress pad on a gel memory foam mattress?

This has left many people asking if you could use a heated mattress pad on a cool gel memory foam mattress? The short answer is yes! Using a heated pad is a great way to enjoy the extra therapeutic benefits of heat so that you sleep soundly and comfortably.

Can you put an electric blanket on top of a wool mattress topper?

It is perfectly safe to use an electric blanket with a MiniJumbuk mattress topper. Cover your wool mattress topper with a high-quality linen or cotton fitted bed sheet along with a flat sheet.

Do heating pads damage mattresses?

Using a heating pad or blanket directly on memory foam can possibly cause damage to the foam. Depending on your warranty, that can create an issue that may void your warranty, or prevent replacement of your mattress.

Can I use a heated mattress pad on a TEMPUR Pedic?

We do not recommend using an electric blanket or heating pad with your mattress. Due to the temperature-sensitivity of the TEMPUR material, adding high heat can hinder its ability to react to your body temperature and conform to your body shape.

Does a heated mattress pad go over or under a mattress protector?

On the question of over or under, your electric blanket should go under your mattress protector. This will give your electric blanket the same protection as your mattress when it comes to sweat, bodily fluids and other spills and stains.

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