Can you use electric blanket on a memory foam mattress?

Can you use electric blanket on a memory foam mattress?

A: We would not recommend using an electric blanket with a TEMPUR® mattress as the mattress works best with your natural body heat, so you may not feel the optimum support if an electric blanket is used.

Can you mess up a memory foam mattress?

We strongly recommend you do not keep your memory foam mattress on a box spring. The inner coils of a box spring are not close enough together to support a memory foam mattress, which can cause premature sagging. Typically, a memory foam mattress’s warranty is void if it’s kept on a box spring.

Can you put an electric blanket under a foam mattress topper?

Electric blankets are safe to use on top of a memory foam mattress topper, so you don’t have anything to worry about. It’s best to check your electric blanket’s safety instructions just to be sure.

At what temperature does memory foam get hard?

Did you know that memory foam found in the home environment becomes rock solid when exposed to temperatures below +40 degrees fahrenheit? It’s because Memory Foam for home beds are designed for the ideal home environment temperature range, which most commonly doesn’t reach below +60 degrees fahrenheit.

At what temperature does memory foam melt?

PCM, as used in viscoelastic foam, absorbs heat when the temperature of the foam reaches the melting point of the PCM 28 with a melting point of 82.4°F (28° C) would be appropriate for use in foam bedding products.

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