How do I wash my pillow mattress topper?

Posted on Tue 14 June 2022 in Mattress

You just have to unzip the cover of the mattress topper and throw it in the washing machine whenever you want to clean it. It is also recommended for tumble dry, or you can hang dry if as well.

Can a mattress topper be washed?

In many cases, vinyl-backed mattress toppers are machine washable. For machine washing, you'll want to use warm or cold water and run it on a gentle cycle. Don't go for harsh detergent when washing your mattress topper in the washing machine. Instead, choose a mild detergent.

Can the MyPillow Topper be washed?

It's recommended to launder every 3-4 months to rejuvenate the foam. Wash cold or warm on regular cycle (not delicate).

Can you put a mattress topper in the dryer?

Consult the care label and only dry your mattress topper cover in the dryer label says so. When dealing with delicate fabrics, air-drying in the sun may be the best option as it will care for the fabric better than a hot dryer.

How do you get sweat stains out of a mattress topper?

Use a damp cloth and warm water with baking soda It's especially helpful for absorbing sweat! Simply use a spray bottle and apply a fine mist of water to any areas you want to spot clean. Sprinkle with baking soda and leave for a few hours to absorb any stains. Use paper towels to carefully clean up any residue.

How long should you keep a mattress topper?

Consider replacing your topper every 3 to 5 years. A wool mattress topper is not easily deformed and remains in a good condition after use for a long period of time.